Information for Tenants


How can ESF Properties help me rent a house or flat?

If you are looking for a home to rent in our area we will try to find a property which meets your requirements. If we find a suitable property we will make the arrangements with the landlord. It is our aim to deal fairly and equitably between the landlord and tenant in any tenancy, which we arrange, and to protect the legitimate interests and requirements of both as far as we are able.


What are the standard terms for renting a property?


In brief, our standard terms for all properties are:


  • the tenancy will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy or Company Let 
  • the rent will be payable monthly in advance by bank standing order starting on the commencement date of the tenancy 
  • we will require a deposit (normally equivalent to one month's rent) 


Other terms may be negotiated with the agreement of the landlord, tenant and ourselves we do NOT require tenants to pay any administrative charges in connection with the tenancy agreement, the inventory, or taking up references. Tenants are never expected to pay introductory fees.


Please note that until we have accepted your application and have received your deposit in cleared funds we are not contractually bound to let the property to you and will continue to market the property.


What will I need to provide in order to rent a property?


If you are a private tenant (i.e. not a Company) you will need to provide the following:


  • the deposit
  • a bank standing order for payment of the rent
  • a signed and witnessed Tenancy Agreement (we will provide the Tenancy Agreement)
  • proof of identity and current address


Tenants aged under 18 must also provide:


  • your parent's or your guardian's countersignature on the Tenancy Agreement


Tenants claiming housing benefit must also provide:


  • your agreement on our form authorising the local Council to release details of your benefit claim to us


What does a Company need to provide in order to rent a property?


If the tenant is to be a Company the Tenant Company must provide: 


  • the deposit a bank standing order for payment of the rent 
  • a signed and witnessed lease (we will provide the draft lease) 
  • evidence of the financial standing of the company (details will be arranged individually) 
  • evidence on company headed paper that the signatory of the lease is authorised to sign contracts on behalf of the company


What about deposits (bonds)?

We will tell you how much deposit we require. Normally we will require a deposit equivalent to one month's rent. If you pay the deposit by personal or company cheque we must receive it at least 10 working days before we hand the property over to you. Otherwise you must pay the deposit in cash, or by Building Society cheque or Banker's Draft.


Will I need a Guarantor?


We will require a Guarantor if: 


  • you will be claiming housing benefit 
  • your income is less than two and a half times the rent 
  • you will have been working for your employer for less than 18 months when the tenancy starts 

The Guarantor will be required to sign a legally binding agreement to pay all rent and other charges due if the tenant fails to do so. We will require your Guarantor to satisfy us that he/she will be able to pay your debts if you fail to do so.


It is unlikely that anyone who is not employed, or who is currently renting their own home, would be acceptable, as a Guarantor but all cases will be considered on their merits.


What will you do with the information I provide? 

DATA PROTECTION ACT: all information provided may be subjected to verification; all information provided and the results of any verification process may be held in computer or paper records by us and may be released to the landlord or to any other person or organisation entitled by law to receive it; it may also be passed to any credit referencing tracing or other agency if the property is vacated in an unsatisfactory condition or leaving monies owing to us, the Landlord, or to any other person or organisation connected in any way with the property or the landlord.


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